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Freetime activities in Szeged

We would like to recommend you some freetime activities, which you can try during your stay in Szeged. If you are interested in any of these places below, click on their names which contains the link of their websites or Facebook pages.

Hági Udvar

It may be the best beergarden in Szeged. After the reopening in june, Hági is pleased to welcome everyone who likes unique cocktails and good cuisine. They have highly qualified and polite mixers, who will be glad to recommend you drinks if you can’t decide what to have.








Hági is a great place for beergardening, talking with friends and having a dinner. The place is spacious and open and has a marvelous interiour with a nice touch of industrial style.

Hungi Vigadó

After you get ready for the night in Hági, Hungi is waiting for you with a great party. Hungi is a great mix of the day and nightlife so it is an „all in one” place. During the daytime it offers you delicious meals and of course you can get some refreshment or coffee as well; almost like in a restaurant.









Hungi is one of the most famous nightclubs in Szeged. Because of its history and unique architectural style, it has earned its place as an excellent spot in the city. They do a lot of parties and if you are interested in the programme then hit up their facebook page.

Nyugi Kert

A very unique, and very loved place. Quite a large bar with a lot of space. They also serve tasty fast food like pizza, hot-dog, etc. moreover many differend drinks to choose from. Here you can meet people from nearly all kind of nationalities. They are playing Lo-Fi music all day, which gives a final nice touch to the whole bohemian/retro style.











Above Nyugi, there is an escape room which is a great opportunity for some isolation, where you can try yourself out by solving tricky devil puzzles and see if you can get out in time or stuck in there forever. You have 60 minutes to escape, but it requires teamwork. By this, you are allowed to play in a team of minimum 2 and maximum 5 people. ParaPark is not thrilling because of the light and sound effects but being exciting and adventurous. It gives you a great experience of becoming a team.


LevelUp and BarCraft

If you prefer eSports and board games, then we highly recommend you this two bars. Each has a unique style. You can find many unique cocktails and drink specialites such as ork beer, sonic and of course many kind of serums and potions. There are gaming areas in each bar, separated from the other parts of the bar. In the bar area where you can actually get your drinks from, you can find board games and card games as well. They also do 1v1 championships, board game nights so feel free to hit up their facebook page or official sites to find out about their latest events.