Aug 27 – 31, 2018
ELI-ALPS Research Institute
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Excursion to Ópusztaszer Heritage Park

On Wednesday, 29th August we are organizing an excursion (tickets are included in your registration fee) to the Ópusztaszer Heritage Park. The bus leaves at 13:00 from the ELI-ALPS facility.

Please let us know if you won’t be able to attend the excursion at

Ópusztaszer Heritage Park

The huge theme park is a great opportunity to find out more about the Hungarian history and even experience it. The park marks the most important historical sites in Hungary.

You can learn a lot about Hungarian traditions, see historicall buildings and houses, moreover you can get a comprehensive picture of the history by interactive exhibitions.


The park exhibits one of the largest panoramas in Europe, which is about the Arrival of the Conquering Hungarians into the Carpathian Basin. It is a monumental experience to see the whole picture in this yurt-like builging, but if you want the whole experience, then we suggest you to use audio commentary or go with a guide who will lead you around the painting.

The painting is in the Rotunda, which is a beautiful building. Of course it gives place for other great exhibitions, for example you can examine artifacts from the 10th century or you can take a walk on the promenade.

Medieval monastery

This monastery gave high ranking in the Middle Ages to the region. In the 11th century a village started growing near the place and became a very strong and important city in the 15th century.

Unfortunately after the fifteen years war, the falling of the city began. People migrated from here and soon the area became depopulated. If you visit the place, you could see the substructure of the old buildings.


Csete-yurts are One of the beautiest example for the hungarian organical-architecture. The buildings are very light on the inside, because of the glass dome on the top of them. It was designed as the traditional yurts, which were also opened to the sky.

Theres also a crown-like building, which is the Sequoia House. A cross-section of a giant sequoia tree from California is on display here, on which the tree-rings serve as markers of important dates in Hungarian history.

Skansen, the replicated village life

In the park, there is a replica of the old village, in which not only the buildings are recreated, but the village life as well. Here we can take a peek in the people’s everyday.

There are 15 reconstructed buildings from the interwar period. Costumed characters recreates the traditions and brings you closer to the traditions. Every character is uniqe and exciting, so it is highly recomended to visit skansen.

Traditional Horsemanship

Maybe the most popular program in the park is the horseshow. You can get to know nomadic weapons and you can see them in a fight as well. The show is very exciting and sightly because of the fighting scenes and the horse games as well.